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My name is Gisele. I was born with poor eyesight and could never read print normally and can only remember fuzzy images of the people and world around me. Eventually I lost even those perceptions and became blind. I have witnessed all the social changes that have occurred in the past 7 decades of my life. The digital age has been the most significant life-changing phenomenon of my time, and I believe it is the most promising phenomenon for a better life for the generations to come.

And yet I feel an unease about certain trends that are shaping that future. I observe that the technological and other societal changes taking place are outstripping my ability and that of other people in my circles to keep pace. This is what I call the digital gap. This experience is not necessarily due to my disability or age. The digital gap cannot be closed only by making digital technologies more accessible, or by any other technology-led progress. It is critical to promote thinking and policies that put human beings at the centre of the evolution of progressive social change.

The Digital Gap Initiative (DGI) is a project through which I hope to have a voice and a role in influencing in any small way my vision for real social inclusion in this rapid technological transformation of our society.

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