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Cartoon of a group of Daleks standing at the bottom of a staircase. Caption reads: "Well, this certainly buggers our plan to conquer the Universe".

Exterminate accessibility barriers to the digital universe!

In the Doctor Who TV series the Daleks, robotic mutants on wheels from the planet Skaro, had grand aspirations to conquer the universe and exterminate all that got in their way. But while they were powerful and fearsome, they could not climb stairs. In a cartoon published in Punch magazine in 1981, Peter Birkett wittily captured this when he depicted a group of Daleks at the foot of a flight of stairs, and the caption “Well, this certainly buggers our plan to conquer the Universe”.

Of course any barrier that stopped the Daleks from pursuing their evil plan in the fictional world of Doctor Who was a good thing. But in the real world of humans who have peaceful aspirations and just want to be part of the digital Universe, not conquer it, it’s a very different thing.

The Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 (Cth) could help the Daleks because it mandates for access ramps in public and commercial buildings and other areas of the built environment, but the digital environment lacks such regulation, a gap in the law which the Digital Gap Initiative aims to eliminate.

Join us in our mission to exterminate accessibility barriers to the digital Universe.

We thank Punch magazine for giving us a generous discount on the cost of the license to reproduce the cartoon.

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