Campaign for Digital Gap Initiative’s Canberra Debut

Digital Gap Initiative has been invited to Canberra on World Usability Day (12 November, 2015) to voice our message with our politicians, business leaders, academics and the wider community who have the power to ensure that this issue is addressed. We need to show them what it’s like for a person who is blind, for example, to use websites and touch-screen payment devices whose design overlooks accessibility.

About 1 in 5 Australians live with disability (approximately 20% of the population). Digital accessibility is therefore an incontrovertible issue for our country’s political agenda.

To help us advocate for digital access to be prioritised for the political agenda at our Canberra event, and build good foundations for future research and campaigning, we have launched a fundraising campaign on, a crowd-funding platform that supports social causes by allowing them to raise funds in this way.

The cost of sending the Initiative to Canberra to present at Parliament House is $3,000, which will cover travel and accommodation for four of our key Committee Members and their guide dogs, D’artagnan and Princess Val.

Any money raised over the $3,000 mark will help us to produce quality publications, brochures and audio-visual materials to not only enhance our message in Canberra, but for our advocacy work thereafter.

Our page can be found by visiting the following link:

Please help us make our dreams of an accessible digital society a reality – donate now and/ or invite your friends and networks to do the same.